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31804-BattleShips-1/700 US Navy Heavy Cruiser Indianapolis

990.00 ฿

[About Indianapolis] Completed in November 1932, the US Navy's heavy cruiser, which left numerous episodes until the tragic end just before the end of the Pacific War, is Indianapolis. After opening the war as the flagship of the reconnaissance fleet, 1943 In March 1945, it became the flagship of the 5th Fleet under the leadership of Admiral Spruans, a number of operations including landing operations on Saipan and Guam Island, the Mariana Offshore Battle, and the Ioshima and Okinawa capture operations in early 1945. And on July 16, 1945, he left San Francisco on a top secret mission to transport important parts of the atomic bomb that would later be dropped on Hiroshima to Tenian Island, where the B29 bomber base is located. At midnight on July 30 on the way to Leyte Island, two torpedoes released by the Japanese Navy's I-58 submarine sank off the coast of Palau Island, with only 316 survivors out of 1199 crew members.

[Model] About] A plastic model assembly kit for the US Navy heavy cruiser Indianapolis. ● 1/700 scale, total length 266 mm, total width 29 mm. ● Reinforced anti-aircraft armament, etc. Accurately modeled as it was in July 1945. -The voluminous hull is divided into left and right to realistically reproduce the details on the side. The anchor chain and anti-slip on the deck are precisely sculpted.-The bridge, chimney, mast, radar, etc. are also delicately finished. Sharp weapon parts such as cm gun, 12.7 cm high angle gun, 20 mm and 40 mm anti-aircraft gun convey powerful attack power. ● Polycap is used to attach the main turret, and it can rotate even after assembly. ● Mounted machine Two Curtis SC-1 Seahawks are also included.