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31349-BattleShips-1/700 Japanese Light Cruiser Abukuma

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[Directly defending the MTF with the attack on Pearl Harbor] Abukuma was completed in 1914 as the 6th ship of the 5500-ton type light cruiser Nagara type. A smart hull capable of demonstrating a high speed of 36 knots and a 14 cm single gun 7 Equipped with a base and four 61 cm twin torpedo launchers, it was one of the most aggressive in the world. In October 1945, it lost its bow during training and was the only Nagara type spoon type. Instead of this, a double-curve type bow with high wave resistance was adopted. Due to the subsequent modernization and refurbishment, the torpedo launchers were combined into two 61 cm4 twin launch tubes capable of launching powerful oxygen torpedoes. During the Pacific War Consistently served as the flagship of the 1st torpedo squadron, and directly defended the MTF as a guard in the attack on Pearl Harbor. He died in the Battle of Leyte in October.

[Main points] ● Standard drainage amount: 5,170 tons (at the time of new construction) ● Overall length: 162.15m, Overall width: 14.17m ● Engine: Steam turbine 4 axes ● Speed: 36 Knot ● Weapon: 14 cm single gun x 7, 61 cm 4 torpedo launcher x 2

[Model outline ] 1/700 scale of light cruiser Abukuma, plastic model assembly kit. ★ Total length 230 mm, box-shaped on a smart hull A classic figure with a bridge and three upright chimneys is modeled with a high degree of realism. ★ The hull is a left-right split type, and the details on the side such as the bow and the outer electric circuit, which are the only double-curve type in Nagara type, are also included. Realistic expression. ★ Faithfully reproduce the appearance at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, such as the 4-unit torpedo launcher gathered at the rear, the uniquely shaped shelter deck, 7 14 cm single guns and various anti-aircraft weapons. ★ 14 cm The gun and catapult can be turned even after completion using a poly cap. ★ It will be interesting to compare it with the same 5500 ton class Kuma type and Nagara type ships, and to trace the transition of weapons with a model.