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31344-BattleShips-1/700 Japanese Light Cruiser Kumano

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[About the light cruiser Kumano] The Mogami-class cruiser planned as a heavily armed light cruiser equipped with five 15.5 cm triple guns, and the fourth ship following Mogami, Mikuma, and Suzuya is Kumano. Kumano, which has been woven with thorough improvement measures from the beginning of construction and has been reinforced before launching, was completed in October 1945 in the most ideal form as the top model. In October 1945, the replacement of the main gun was completed, and with the start of the Pacific War, it was dispatched to the Murray landing operation, the Midway Sea Battle, the Second Solomon Sea Battle, etc. It sank in the port of Santa Cruise after being attacked by a ship-mounted aircraft.

[About the model] This is a plastic model assembly kit for the Japanese light cruiser Kumano. ● 1/700 scale, total length 286.5 mm, total width 35.3 mm. ● 15.5 cm triple unit Modeled the appearance of the light cruiser era equipped with a gun. ● Faithfully reproduce the hull cross section, bridge structure, guide chimney, etc. that are different from Mogami and Mikuma. The hull is split left and right. ● The main turret turns even after assembly Possible. ● Weapons, main mast, crane for ship-mounted aircraft, ship-mounted aircraft, etc. have a sharp finish.