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31323-BattleShips-1/700 Japanese Light Cruiser Isuzu

590.00 ฿

[Full equipment to protect the sky of the Combined Fleet]
A plastic model assembly kit of Isuzu completed in 1918 as the second Nagara-class light cruiser of the Japanese Navy, 5500 tons. The model was reproduced as an air defense cruiser after renovation work from January to September 1945 at the end of the Pacific War. The sharply finished 12.7 cm twin high angle gun, 25 mm 3 twin anti-aircraft machine gun, and radar mounted on the bridge and mast enhance the presence of Isuzu as an air defense cruiser. It will be interesting to explore the life of Isuzu, which has changed its appearance for 22 years from its birth to the sinking by the attack of a US submarine in April 1945, with a model.
Overall length 200 mm when completed