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30612-Tanks-1/25 German Tank Panther A

2,800.00 ฿

[Masterpiece kit that made the model boy enthusiastic] Among the German tanks during World War II, this Panther is said to be the best tank in terms of attack power, defense power, mobility, etc. ¡In the summer of 1941, the German army, which continued to advance with a spectacular victory, invaded the Soviet Union, and the German tank was the first to encounter the new tanks that the Soviet Union was proud of, such as the T34 and KV-1. It was possible to win repeatedly depending on the usage, but it became clear that the German main tanks III and IV at that time could not compete with the powerful T34 and KV-1. It was the Panther V tank that began development in early 1942 as a new flagship tank with performance superior to these Soviet tanks. Panther thoroughly researched the T34 of the Soviet army, which was a rival. Taking advantage of this, it began mass production at the end of 1942, and began to appear on the front line from the middle of 1943. The main gun was equipped with a powerful long gun body 70 caliber 75 mm gun, and the body was The armor was significantly tilted to reduce weight and increase defense at the same time. The engine is equipped with the Maibach HL230, which has twice the output of the IV tank, and 700 horsepower, and the maximum speed is 55km / h. It also had a light maneuverability. The Panther production volume was about 6,000, which was the second largest among German tanks after the IV tank, and it was active as the main tank in the latter half of the war. Improvements were made to the first D type, and production began around the summer of 1943.

[Model outline] This is a plastic model assembly kit for the German tank Panther A. ● 1/25 scale, total length 351 mm, total width 135 mm. Modeled with sufficient presence. ● Adopting a torsion bar type suspension made of special resin, it moves smoothly with a structure just like a real car. ● Real resin cuffs are connected and assembled. Natural slack gives a feeling of weight. ● The turret and the hatch for the occupants of the car body are movable. ● 4 standing dolls such as tank soldiers and officers are set. ● 3 types of German army and free French army decals are included.