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26537-Tanks-1/48 American M20 High Speed Armored Car (Finished Model)

2,500.00 ฿
[Rapid Frontline Command] A plastic model of the M20 high-speed armored vehicle, which was mainly deployed in tank destroyers and used for a wide range of missions such as command, transportation, and reconnaissance by taking advantage of its high-speed performance. Removed the turret of the M8 Greyhound. The unique silhouette with a low vehicle height is modeled with an open top structure. The complex suspension of 6-wheel drive has been reproduced with plenty of three-dimensional effect. The ring mount on the upper part of the car body and the M2 heavy machine gun are also sharp. Finished. Can be combined with a wide range of US military vehicles and aircraft.

[Model outline] ● Overall length 104 mm. ● Marking is reproduced using high-quality pad print and decal. The vehicle number different from the kit version is also a highlight. ● The metal chassis creates a feeling of weight of the armored car. ● Delicate weathering coating is applied to enhance the realism of the model. ● The package is a popular cube type.