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26535-Tanks-1/48 Soviet Field Car GAZ-67B (Finished Model)

1,750.00 ฿
[Attractive simple and unique style] This is a completed plastic model of the four-wheel drive small military vehicle GAZ-67B developed by the Soviet army during World War II. A simple and unique style unique to Soviet military vehicles. , The specifications during World War II have been reproduced with a rich sense of reality. The vehicle with a white band for identifying allies has been reproduced, and the body number is the original finished product. A weight is set inside to create a sense of weight. It will be interesting to display it side by side with 1/48 scale Soviet tanks and compare the style with the small military vehicles of each country in the series.

[Model outline] ● Total length 70 mm. ● Leaf type suspension and The underside of the chassis, such as the drive shaft and exhaust pipe, has a three-dimensional finish. ● Realistic transparent parts are available for the front window and headlight lens. ● Cube type package is used.