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25418-Cars-1/24 Lancia Stratos Turbo (silver-plated body)

3,500.00 ฿

[A unique group of 5 machines that jumped from public roads to the circuit] The Stratos is a rally-only car developed by Lancia in Italy. A mid-engined Ferrari Dino 2.4-liter V6 engine mounted on a compact 2-seater body designed by Bertone. Since challenging the World Rally Championship in 1974, he has achieved the feat of winning the championship for three consecutive years in 1975 and 1976. Based on this Stratos, the Stratos Turbo was developed as a Group 5 machine for the manufacturer's world championship race. As its name suggests, the engine equipped with a turbocharger produces a maximum output of about 370 horsepower. The wheelbase has been extended, and a lightweight body with a large front and rear over fender, chin spoiler, rear wing, etc. has been significantly remodeled. He also participated in races in Italy, including the manufacturer's world championships, and showed great success.

[Model outline] ★ 1/24 scale, total length 178 mm, total width 89 mm plastic model assembly kit. ★ The body has a plated finish that suppresses the metallic luster. ★ Realistic reproduction of a powerful figure equipped with a large chin spoiler, over fender, and rear wing. ★ Bucket seats, dashboards, fire extinguishers, etc. have a sufficient three-dimensional effect. ★ Includes a full-body driver doll wearing a racing suit and a helmet. ★ The front wheels can be steered. ★ Molded concave wire on the left side window. You can cut it out and reproduce the open state. ★ Slick tires are made of textured synthetic rubber. ★ The package has a chic finish based on black.