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25188-Tanks-1/35 Ground Self-Defense Force reconnaissance motorcycle / high mobility vehicle set

1,900.00 ฿

[Special specification kit that sets two vehicles that are indispensable for the action support of the Ground Self-Defense Force]

[About the motorcycle reconnaissance unit] Utilizing the excellent running performance of the off-road motorcycle, it supports reconnaissance missions and the operational actions of the main unit Is the Ground Self-Defense Force's motorcycle reconnaissance unit. It is composed of selected members who have excellent maneuvering skills such as rifle shooting while standing, as well as reconnaissance ability and advanced judgment ability at the level of the platoon leader. It runs through rough terrain such as mountainous areas where ordinary wheeled vehicles cannot run, and is also active in rescue activities in the event of a disaster.

[High Mobility Vehicle] The Ground Self-Defense Force's high mobility vehicle began to be procured in 1993 as a vehicle that responds not only to the movement of troops to destinations but also to various situations such as the movement of troops in conflict areas. .. The engine is equipped with a turbo diesel engine with a displacement of 4,099cc and can accommodate up to 10 members. In addition, many mechanisms are used to improve off-road mobility, such as hub reduction that ensures the minimum ground clearance, tire pressure regulator, and four-wheel steering system. In 2010, deployment to the Infantry Regiment nationwide was completed. It supports the rapid maneuvering of the unit.

[Model outline] A plastic model assembly kit that sets a high mobility vehicle on a reconnaissance motorcycle of the Ground Self-Defense Force. ● 1/35 scale. The total length of the reconnaissance motorcycle is 61 mm. The total length of the high mobility vehicle is 141 mm. -The reconnaissance motorcycle is modeled around the engine, spoke wheels, light guards, etc. with a rich three-dimensional effect. -Set a reconnaissance team member in a riding pose and a tank crew member who gives instructions with a map in one hand. -Equipment such as 89 type rifle, bayonet, 85 type portable radio is also sharp finish. -The high mobility vehicle reproduces the simple and sturdy form of the wide tread with a high sense of reality. ● Delicate details on the four-wheel drive suspension and interior of the car. ● Etching parts are available for the light guard. -Set of 5 types of decals, including the 7th Ordinary Regiment in Kyoto. ● I'm looking forward to creating a scene by combining both cars. * High mobility vehicle is manufactured by Fine Molds.