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25187-Tanks-1/35 Japanese Army Type 1 Ho-Ni Tank / Kurogane Shiki Set

1,900.00 ฿

[Special specification kit perfect for creating scenes with the theme of the Japanese Army]

[About the Type 1 Ho-Ni tank] A set of self-propelled guns equipped with a powerful 75 mm field gun on the body of the Type 97 medium tank, which is the main battle tank of the Japanese Army. It's a tank. The main gun can penetrate up to 85 mm of armor plate at a distance of 1,000 m. The front of the open-top battle room was equipped with a 50mm thick armor plate. Approximately 140 vehicles were produced from 1943 to the end of the war and deployed to the Mobile Artillery Regiment and Tank Regiment of the Tank Division. Four tanks belonging to the 2nd Tank Division of the Philippines met the US Army, which landed in the Lingayen Gulf on Luzon Island in January 1945. Clever camouflage and ambush attacks while moving one after another in the shooting position afflicted the US military, and the M4 Sherman tank was also destroyed by the close-range shooting of the main gun, and it fought tenaciously until June of the same year.

[About Kurogane Shiki] The world's first practical four-wheel drive vehicle developed at the request of the Japanese Army is the 95-type small passenger car, also known as "Kurogane Shiki". Various improvements have been made even after the formalization, and the type produced from 1937 is equipped with a 33-horsepower V-twin 1,400cc air-cooled engine on a three-seater body. The front wheels are double wishbone independent suspension, and the rear wheels are leaf rigid type with large diameter tires, demonstrating excellent off-road running performance. From 1935 to 1944, about 4,800 units of each type were produced, and they continued to run for reconnaissance and communication on a wide range of fronts from mainland China to Southeast Asia and the Pacific theater.

[Model outline] A plastic model assembly kit that includes a Japanese army self-propelled artillery, a set of gun tanks, and Kurogane Shiki. ● 1/35 scale. The total length of the set gun tank is 170 mm. The total length of Kurogane Shiki is 102 mm. -The set gun tank is modeled with a powerful appearance equipped with a 75 mm field gun. -Rivet-joined car body and uniquely arranged suspension are also realistically reproduced. -The main gun loading part and the open top battle room interior are also finished with a three-dimensional effect. ● The track is a belt type that can be glued and painted. -Comes with 2 dolls of gunner and loader, and 4 types of decals. -Accessories such as shells and cartridge cases are also available. -Kurogane Shiki is modeled by capturing features such as a rounded three-seat body, four-wheel drive suspension, and large-diameter tires. -The hood is reproduced in the folded state. -A standing doll and 4 types of decals are set. ● I'm looking forward to creating a scene by combining both cars. * Kurogane Shiki and standing dolls are made by Fine Molds.