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25161-Tanks-1/35 German Marder III (7.62cm Pak36) (with etched parts)

2,700.00 ฿
[Model outline] The etching parts of Aver, which has a reputation for precision reproduction, are set in Marder III. The inside of the open-top battle interior, various exterior equipment, the rack at the rear of the car body, etc. are precisely reproduced. The etching parts of the fender are also set. In addition to the fasteners and fenders of the equipment, we also prepared a basket made by combining metal wires. The Marder III kit has a parts configuration that is conscious of the structure of the actual vehicle. The unique style is faithfully reproduced. The battle room, such as the main gun loading part, gun rack, and large bullet rack, has a three-dimensional finish. In addition, the small shield and aiming device are linked according to the vertical movement of the gun body, and the seat for the occupants. And the clamp for fixing the main gun can be selected between the state at the time of battle and the state at the time of movement. It is also attractive to set a better price than purchasing it individually.