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25149-Tanks-1/35 German large command vehicle Commandwagen HQ staff set (with 7 dolls)

1,350.00 ฿

[Story of the scene world woven by dolls and vehicles] Germany's large military passenger car Steyr 1500A / 01, in which many variants were produced during World War II. Among them, as a passenger car for commanders such as division commanders and military commanders. The Command Wagen was used. Compared to the 1500A / 01 with a capacity of 8 people, the open top body with a capacity of 5 people has 4 large doors, a rear trunk room, and genuine leather front and rear seats for high comfort. Given, the front glass uses a single type of bulletproof glass. Continued to run as a high-ranking officer's foot on a wide range of fronts from Europe to Russia and North Africa.

[Model outline] A plastic model assembly kit that combines Command Wagen with seven HQ staff dolls. ● 1/35 scale, total length 146 mm, total width 52 mm. ● Unique appearance with a rounded engine hood and trunk room Modeled with a high degree of realism. ● The hood and hood of the trunk and the four doors can be opened and closed. ● In the actual vehicle, the genuine leather seats have a rich texture. ● The doll is an officer and driver holding documents, and the back seat. In addition to the general that fits in the car, the general and deputy officer who gets into the car, the female assistant, and the soldier who opens the door are reproduced. ● You can enjoy a small scene while inspecting the front line with the kit. Included. * 4 dolls are made by ICM.