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25104-Tanks-1/25 Soviet assault gun tank SU-100 Zhukov

2,300.00 ฿
[Large-scale resurrection, fearless silhouette] The SU-100 is equipped with a simple fixed battle room on the body of the masterpiece tank T34 and a powerful 100mm cannon that can defeat the King Tiger from the front. Reproduce the fearless appearance of a Soviet self-propelled gun at the end of World War II, such as a long main gun and a cylindrical cupola for a commander, with a simple parts composition. Set of 2 log parts for use. Further enhances the presence of the self-propelled gun.

[Model outline] 1/25 scale of SU-100, plastic model assembly kit. ● Total length 358 mm, low body and length Modeled by surely capturing the fearless style such as the main gun of the gun body. ● Two logs and spare fuel tanks are also made into parts. ● The hatch for each occupant of the car body is openable. ● The suspension is also movable by the metal spring. ¡The resin cuffs are already connected and assembled, and the natural slack creates a heavy feeling. ● One commander doll, with decals from the Soviet Union, Arab Allied Forces, Polish Army, etc.