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24308-Cars-1/24 XANAVI NIsmo GT-R(R35)

2,000.00 ฿

[2008 Champion's right-wing machine] The XANAVI NISMO GT-R made a strong impression on the GT-R's revival after winning the opening two consecutive wins in the 2008 Super GT. It is said that it was ahead of the 2009 regulations. It features a low and wide form. It is equipped with a 4494cc V-type 8-cylinder DOHC engine on the front, and the transmission adopts a transformer axle integrated with the rear differential. The chassis is composed of a box-shaped cabin and a pipe frame, and the body is almost all Is made of carbon. The suspension is a push rod type 4-wheel double wishbone and is finished as a race-only monster machine.

[Model outline] ● 1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit. ● Overall length 200mm, overall width 86mm. ● Powerful low and wide form pursuing aerodynamics is fully reproduced. ● The roof is plated separately from the body. Composed of parts to bring it closer to the texture of a real car full of brilliance. ● The interior is also finished with a sufficient three-dimensional effect. ● The front 18-inch and rear 17-inch slick tires are made of textured solid rubber. ● The slide mark is made by Cartograph. ¡In addition to car No. 23, a set for car No. 22.