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24215-Cars-1/24 Toyota Celica

830.00 ฿

[About Toyota Celica] The 7th generation Toyota Celica debuted on September 20 with the innovative form of the show model "TOYOTA XYR" announced in January 1999 in Detroit. Two types of 1.8 liters A 4-cylinder engine is available, and the 2ZZ-GE type is a high-performance type that demonstrates 190 horsepower. The exercise performance is further enhanced by adopting a double wishbone for the rear suspension, and it attracts a lot of attention as an FF sports car with a unique style I was attracted.

About the model ● is a 1/24 assembly kit of this Toyota Celica, which was the seventh generation in a full model change. ● overall length 182mm, overall width 81mm. sharp in a novel form to realize full ● Reproduced. ● The interior called "Crossover Cockpit", which connects the door trim and instrument panel with a soft curved surface, has a three-dimensional finish with the door lining as a separate part. ● The front strut, rear double wishbone suspension, exhaust pipe layout, etc. have a three-dimensional finish on the underside of the chassis. Under the front undercover, the engine and lower part of the transmission are reproduced. ● Wheels, The headlight reflector etc. are plated parts. ● Nylon mesh is attached to the opening of the front bumper. ● The Toyota mark on the front is reproduced with a textured metal inlet mark.