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24021-Cars-1/24 Toyota Celica XX 2800GT

620.00 ฿
[Presenting the appearance of a high-performance sports car in a new era] Toyota Celica was announced in October 1970 as the first specialty car in Japan. The Celica XX is a model equipped with a 6-cylinder engine that has been added as a higher grade. In July 1981, the second generation, which adopted a sharp wedge-shaped body based on straight lines, appeared. The top-grade Celica XX 2800GT is equipped with an in-line 6-cylinder 2759cc 5M-GEU engine equipped with EFI (electronic fuel injection) that delivers a maximum output of 170 horsepower. In addition to high performance, the interior was also luxurious and fulfilling, including seats with eight types of adjustment functions and an electronic display meter that accurately and easily displayed information. Also, as an image character, Colin Chapman, the founder of Team Lotus who was competing in F1 at that time, was appointed. As the title of Super Grand Sports, Celica XX 2800GT shows the appearance of a high-performance sports car of a new era.

[Model outline] ★ A plastic model assembly kit that reproduces Toyota's high-performance sporty car, Celica XX's top grade, 2800GT, which appeared in July 1981. ★ 1/24 scale, overall length 195 mm, overall height 52 mm, overall width 74 mm. ★ The sharp shape of the wedge shape (wedge type) based on a straight line is modeled as it is on the actual vehicle. ★ Retractable headlights can be opened and closed. ★ The underside of the chassis, such as the front MacPherson struts, rear trailing arm suspension and exhaust pipes, has a sufficient three-dimensional effect. ★ The interior is easy to make with a small number of parts, and has a realistic finish. ★ The digital meter is represented by a slide mark. ★ The tires are made of synthetic rubber with a realistic tread pattern. ★ Wheels are plated parts with the center cap as a separate part. ★ The front wheels can be steered. ★ With driver doll.

[First release month] October 1981