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21082-Motocycles-1/12 Kawasaki ZZR1400 Pearl Meteor Gray (Finished Model)

2,800.00 ฿
[Kawasaki's flagship aiming for the fastest in the world] The Kawasaki ZZR1400 is a machine that debuted in 2006 and should be called an open class king. A 1352cc parallel 4-cylinder DOHC engine that demonstrates 190 horsepower in an aluminum monocoque frame unique to Kawasaki Equipped. The form pursuing aerodynamics is equipped with a unique front cowl and side louvers composed of 6-eye lights, showing a challenging finish. Not to mention the high top speed, it is unique to big bikes. Kawasaki's new generation flagship aiming for the world's strongest and fastest, which has the stability at high speeds and also has light handling and demonstrates the best performance in all situations.

[Model outline] ● 1 / It is a 12-scale plastic model finished product. ● Overall length 180 mm, overall width 74 mm. ● The powerful form pursuing aerodynamics is reproduced as it is in the actual vehicle. ● The front cowl with 6 eyes is also realistically modeled. ● The body color of Pearl Meteor Gray is finished with high quality paint. ● The three-dimensional logo such as ZZR1400 is an inlet mark. ● The water-cooled parallel 4-cylinder engine that demonstrates 190 horsepower is also precisely finished. ● The front and rear tires are made of solid rubber with a sharp tread pattern. ● The cowling can be attached and detached with a tiny screw.