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21036-Cars-1/24 Xanavi Nismo Z (Finished Model)

1,700.00 ฿

 [2004 JGTC Champion Machine that won the fierce battle] The Fairlady Z is the new machine introduced by Nissan in 2004 as the successor to the Skyline GT-R, the driving force behind the All Japan GT Championship. 2,987cc V-type 6-cylinder twin turbo The engine, trans-axle type mission, suspension, and other mechanisms cultivated in the GT-R are mounted on the body with excellent aerodynamics. Car 1 won the opening round and the 6th round, and 3 in the 3rd and 5th rounds. Winner of the place. After fighting the fierce battle season, Satoshi Motoyama and R. Ryan brought the team champion to the driver champion and NISMO.

[Model outline] ● 2004 JGTC champion machine, Xanavinismo Z It is a completed model reproduced on 1/24 scale. ● Overall length 195 mm, overall width 84 mm. ● The nose and tail are extended compared to the commercial car, and the powerful form with the fender protruding wide is reproduced with plenty of realism. The sharp line is plastic Unique to the model. The textured paint is also attractive. ● Nylon mesh is used for the front air intake part. ● The under panel is made of die cast to create a feeling of weight. ● The mirror surface and emblem are brilliant inlet marks. ● White tires The letter is pad printed. ● With a pedestal with a name plate.