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20065-Cars-1/20 Team Lotus Type 78 Year 1977 (with etched parts)

1,500.00 ฿

[Exploring the origin of the ground effect] The prestigious F1 machine that was active in 1977, Team Lotus, is the type 78. The style of the F1 machine up to that point is a thing of the past, and the body is wide with a slender monocock. A major feature is that it is composed of elongated side pontoons, and the idea of ​​finishing the inside of the pontoons with a reverse wing cross section to generate a strong downforce is adopted. This year, Mario Andretti was in West America, Spain, France, Winner of the Italian GP and Gunner Nilson also won the Belgian GP. It made its name in history as a pioneer of the wing car, and the improved type 79 of the following year brilliantly won the champion machine.

[Model outline] ● 1/20 scale plastic model assembly kit. Overall length 225 mm, overall width 102 mm. ● Low and sharp form is realistically reproduced. ● Cockpit fairing and induction box are removable. ● Features inside the side pontoon The wing shape is the same as the actual car. ● The DFV engine, transmission, suspension, etc. are precisely reproduced and are sufficiently responsive. ● There are two types of slide marks, car Nos. 5 and 6. ● Front and rear brake discs, radiator core, rear wing stay Etching parts for use etc. are set. ● The cockpit meter ring has an inlet mark. ● The tire is made of rubber that faithfully expresses the profile at that time.