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19432-Mini4WD-1/32 Sonic Saver Premium (Super II Chassis)

430.00 ฿

[Evolved machine finished with the image of the original comic] A plastic model assembly kit for a four-wheel drive racer with high-performance driving and fun racing. Sonic Saver Premium is a mini 4WD manga "Bakusou Brothers Let's & Go !!" The main character, Retsu Hoshima's machine, Sonic Saver is finished with the design image of the original comic. The chassis is Super II with enhanced rigidity and expandability. Low-height tires are attached to the yellow 5-spoke wheel. In addition, it is equipped with metallic green 13mm resin rollers on the front and rear, and a 3.5: 1 super speed gear is set. Assembly is a fitting and screwing type that does not use adhesive, and you can enjoy performance improvement with abundant parts.

[Super II chassis ] Super II with enhanced rigidity and expandability. Black chassis is made of Polyca ABS resin, metallic green battery holder and rear stay are made of ABS resin. Turn type switch, 2-point fixed type rear stay, screw type Full of notable equipment such as rear gear cover. In addition, the bumper and rear stay have multiple parts mounting holes to support a wide range of settings.

[Basic specifications] ● Overall length 150 mm ● Overall width 97 mm ● With motor

[Items to be purchased separately ] ● 2 AA batteries