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18716-Mini4WD-Geo Glider (FM-A Chassis)

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Maximum G!
This assembly kit creates the Geo Glider, a sleek Mini 4WD car with a body which won the TAMIYA AWARD in the 2018 Mini 4WD Design Contest held in Japan. Its honed silhouette features lines you'd expect to see on a fighter jet, complete with a distinctive X-shaped cowl over the cockpit. The body is molded in pearl white ABS resin, and can be decorated with the included stickers for logos and other graphics.

FM-A: Aerodynamic Front Motor Chassis
The FM-A chassis is a front motor unit with advanced aerodynamic themes that - thanks to its center of gravity toward the front - is at home on a whole variety of track types including those with frequent elevation changes. It comes equipped with a low-friction front skid bar, while the chassis underside allows easy access to the motor and quick setup changes. Aircraft-inspired aero side stays allow attachment of a range of Grade-Up parts. The chassis is molded in durable olive gray ABS, with low friction A parts such as underpanel in black. Purple large-diameter V-spoke wheels are combined with arched tires, and the model includes a motor and 4.2:1 gears.

Pic#2: Sleek, honed body lines make this model one to watch, and offer the potential for stability in the air.

Pic#3: The front motor layout FM-A chassis is a cutting edge design, and comes in olive gray and black.

Pic#4: The original design drawing which took the TAMIYA AWARD in the 2018 Mini 4WD Design Contest held in Japan.

[Basic specifications] 

Overall length 156 mm, overall width 96 mm, overall height 46 mm ● With motor ● Assembly is an inset type that does not require adhesive