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18625-Mini4WD-Dash-1 Emperor (MS Chassis)

430.00 ฿

Revive and Rejoice!
This is an assembly Mini 4WD model of the Dash-1 Emperor. The centrally located double shaft motor effectively transmits power to all four wheels for optimum performance and the "One-Touch" three piece chassis requires no glue and is a breeze to assemble. In addition, there is a large variety of Grade-Up Parts to choose from to customize your machine. The Dash-1 Emperor was greatly popular throughout the Mini 4WD boom in Japan. The body shell is arranged to match the high performance MS Chassis, while keeping its original form of the air intake on top and exhausts at rear end, as well as the pin spike tires remind you of its retro style.

[Basic specifications]

● Length: 152mm ● Width: 92mm ● motor ● assembly of unnecessary adhesive inset