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18618-Mini4WD-Keen Hawk Jr.

430.00 ฿ 279.50 ฿

Hit the Track with F1-like Aerodynamics
This high-performance Mini 4WD racer features a 3-piece chassis with nose, center, and tail sections for easy assembly. Double shaft motor drives all 4 wheels and is located at the center of the chassis with 1 battery on each side, giving the chassis excellent balance. The new machine features a body styling that is faithful to its bigger sibling, the R/C off-road buggy Keen Hawk, with excellent aeroydynamics for fast running. White 3-spoke wheels with large diameter slick tires and 4:1 gear ratio ensures quick and nimble racing performance. In addition, there is a large variety of Grade-Up Parts to choose from to customize your machine.

[Basic specifications]

● Overall length 152 mm ● Overall width 92 mm ● With double shaft motor