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18092-Mini4WD-Mini 4WD Panda Racer 2

480.00 ฿ 312.00 ฿

Bamboo-zle your opponents!
This is a Mini 4WD model assembly kit which creates a new version of the Panda Racer, aptly named the Panda Racer 2. The brand new body is an open-top retro number with bulging fenders front and rear. A pre-assembled and painted Panda Racer figure is included, as are markings to decorate the bright red body.

Super-II Chassis
The Super-II chassis offers impressive toughness on an adaptable frame. Here, it appears in sturdy black polycarbonate-ABS resin and is matched with black A parts. Glamorous metal-plated fin spoke wheels are paired with black low-profile small-diameter tires, and the model comes with a 4:1 gear and motor.

[Basic specifications]

● Overall length 150 mm, overall width 97 mm, overall height 45 mm ● With motor ● Assembly is an inset type that does not require adhesive