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18087-Mini4WD-Mini 4WD Hawk

430.00 ฿

[Aim for the goal of the race with a sharp look aiming at the prey] Shaft drive A plastic model assembly kit for high-performance racers that uses four-wheel drive. The Mini 4WD Hawk is a machine on which the king of the sky, Hawk (Taka), rides. The hawk driver with a stern look that gives off a glare is assembled and painted. The body is an open top type of Super Saver. It is a straight wedge type that reminds you of a hawk that cuts through the air and flies, and the color is white. A marking sticker reminiscent of spread wings is also set. The chassis is lightweight and compact, and uses Super II, which is often used in full-scale racing. The body is metallic green made of ABS resin. A parts such as the battery holder and rear stay are made of ABS resin gold. White large diameter barrel tires are mounted on yellow large diameter V-spoke wheels, and the gear ratio is 5: 1. You can enjoy high-speed driving like a hawk flying in the sky.

★ Overall length 150 mm, width 97 mm, height 47 mm with motor Power supply: 2 AA batteries (sold separately)