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18078-Mini4WD-Terra Conqueror RS (VS Chassis)

430.00 ฿

【 Eye-catching in orange 】 

This high-performance shaft-driven Mini 4WD racer is called the Terra Conqueror RS, and is the latest addition to the Racing Mini 4WD Series (RS). Its ground-hugging body with large rear wing captures the form of the original Terra Conqueror Jr. With a white base and accents of blue from the cockpit and orange in the chassis offset by orange and gold metallic stickers, it's bound to catch your eye.

【 VS Chassis 】

The VS chassis is a lightweight chassis featuring a short wheelbase, air ducts on the base to enable cooling of the motor, and hinged front and battery covers. The orange chassis of the Top Force Evolution RS is detailed with orange stickers and orange rear roller stay, and accented by the 16mm blue plastic rollers and the matt silver metal-plated large-diameter 4-spoke wheels on slick tires. Comes with 4.2:1 speed gear.

[Basic specifications]

● Overall length 145mm ● Overall width 92mm ● With motor ● Assembly is a fitting type that does not require adhesive