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430.00 ฿ 279.50 ฿
[White, blue, and orange color coordination creates speed] A plastic model assembly kit for a high-performance racer that uses a shaft-driven four-wheel drive. The Super Avante RS has a narrowed front, a voluminous rear body, and a voluminous rear part. It features a large rear wing. In addition, the front nose and body side are equipped with wings for high aerodynamic performance. The cockpit side air intake has slits and the motor cooling effect is outstanding. The sticker is metallic. Dedicated type. Silver-plated large-diameter wheel with fluorescent orange-colored large-diameter slick tire.

[Super II chassis] The chassis has enhanced rigidity and expandability. Super II. Turn type switch. The chassis, which is packed with notable equipment such as a two-point fixed rear stay and a screw-fastened rear gear cover, is made of blue ABS resin. Furthermore, the bumper and rear stay have multiple parts mounting holes to support a wide range of settings. 4.2: 1 With speed gear and motor. Assembly is a fitting type that does not require adhesive.

[Basic specifications] ● Overall length 150mm ● Overall width 97mm ● With motor ● Assembly is a fitting type that does not require adhesive

[Items to be purchased separately] ● Single 2 type 3 batteries