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17904-Mini4WD-Piglaser (Yellow / Jill Wolf)

580.00 ฿ 377.00 ฿

[Enjoy Mini 4WD more easily! ] It is a semi-finished type mini 4WD that even beginners and small children can easily finish. The Pig Glacer (Yellow / Jill Wolf) is a machine in which a cute pig driver rides on Jill Wolf, which is based on the image of a European GT car. The combination of a powerful silhouette and a chubby pig is comical. In addition, the body is full of energy and clear yellow, and the chassis is coordinated with pastel blue and white. I'm looking forward to racing with my friends with a gear ratio of 4: 1. Dress up with colorful stickers such as bib numbers and star marks to complete a unique machine in a world full of originality.

[MA chassis pursuing drive efficiency] The chassis has a simple shape with few protrusions and adopts MA that is easy to maintain. The double shaft motor mounted in the center, the rear skid bar made of low friction resin and 6 rollers realize high performance running. It is a chassis that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from beginners to veteran racers, from street races on small courses to official competitions on large special 5-lane circuits.

[Basic specifications] ● Overall length 156 mm, overall width 97 mm, overall height 45 mm ● With double shaft motor ● Can be assembled with simple fitting and screwing without using adhesive.

[Items to be purchased separately] ● 2 AA batteries ● Nippers, Phillips screwdriver

⇒ Please refer to here for chassis maintenance. (Please note that the specifications of parts and stickers are different.)