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17010/01-Mini4WD-1/32 Toyota Hirac Surf

510.00 ฿

[Four-wheel drive with big tires, powerful driving is fun] Four-wheel drive with big tires with a diameter of 52 mm. In addition to full power driving, it is a plastic model assembly kit for off-road machines that you can enjoy willy driving and one-wheel driving. The four-wheel drive mechanism is a sidewinder gear train system that sets the motor in the center of the chassis and transmits power back and forth with gears. It demonstrates high power that climbs up slopes of 40 degrees. The stylish body is reproduced with plenty of realism up to the rear spoiler. ¡ Easy to complete with a fitting type assembly that does not use adhesive, a motorized mechanism that does not require wiring, etc.

[Basic specifications] ● Overall length 142 mm ● Overall width 125 mm ● Overall height 88 mm ● With motor

[Please purchase separately Things] ● 2 AA batteries