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17006-Mini4WD-1/32 Wild Zaurus

510.00 ฿ 331.50 ฿

[Attention is paid to the strong style that makes you think of a car in the near future!] Four-wheel drive with big tires. It is a plastic model assembly kit for off-road machines that you can enjoy wheelie driving and one-wheel driving in addition to full power driving. , Sidewinder gear train system that sets the motor in the center of the chassis and transmits power back and forth with gears. A wide variety of accessory parts such as headlights, auxiliary lamps, radar dome, rear armor panel, antenna, etc. are set to enliven the mood of the near future. It is an assembly type that does not use adhesive, and it is easy to motorize just by setting the metal fittings in the battery box.

[Basic specifications] ● Overall length 142 mm ● Overall width 125 mm ● Overall height 101 mm ● With motor

[Purchased separately What to receive] ● Two AA batteries