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16032-Motocycles-1/6 Honda Monkey 40th Anniversary

2,400.00 ฿

[About the pioneer of leisure motorcycles, Honda Monkey] Honda Monkey has opened up the genre of leisure motorcycles with its compact size and unique and lovely looks. It is equipped with a 50cc air-cooled 4-cycle engine in a red frame and put in the trunk of a car. The first model, which adopted a foldable seat and handle, made its debut in 1967 so that it can be easily carried. The wheel size has been increased from 5 inches to 8 inches, and various suspensions have been installed on the front and rear. In December 2006, in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of its birth, a limited model equipped with a checkered seat, a black color tank, red front and rear wheels, etc. was released. Sold.

[Optional equipment] You can enjoy a custom-made finish by setting optional parts such as mufflers and dampers that are popular in actual motorcycles. In addition, two types of normal decals are also available.

[About the model] ] ★ 1/6 scale, total length 224 mm, total width 100 mm, total height 175 mm. ★ The check pattern of the seat is reproduced with stickers. ★ Meter cases, handles, muffler protectors, etc. are plated parts. ★ Tank and side cover emblems are made into parts. ★ Equipped with a metal spring, the front and rear suspensions are movable. ★ The handle can be folded like a real car. ★ The 50cc engine is precisely reproduced. Various wiring and piping are expressed by vinyl pipes. ★ Yoshimura, Takekawa Optional parts such as a custom muffler made by Honda are also set. ★ In addition to the 40th anniversary special, two types of normal are also available. Classic white x Monza red, classical white x plasma yellow normal specifications can also be finished.