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16002-Motocycles-1/6 Dax Honda ST70

2,100.00 ฿

[Leisure bike that gained popularity due to its charming style] The Dax Honda made its debut in the summer of 1969 as a humorous style leisure bike reminiscent of the long body Dachshund. Made of steel plate press that characterizes the style The T-bone frame has a built-in gasoline tank, which makes the tank completely invisible from the outside. In addition, the small diameter tires have a low center of gravity and both feet can easily touch the ground, creating a high sense of security. The front part including the handle can be separated so that it can be carried in the trunk of a car, etc., and the structure is such that gasoline does not leak even if the vehicle body is tilted. More than 6 million engines have been produced. A 4-cycle OHC single cylinder based on Honda's best-selling Super Cub series. Economical and reliable, combined with a return-type 3-speed transmission that uses an automatic centrifugal clutch, even for those who ride a motorcycle for the first time Designed for safe driving. A new era bike that incorporates the functions of a leisure bike in a unique style, Dax Honda. In 1979, domestic sales were once discontinued, but in 1995 it was domestic. Sales are back. It shows how popular it is.

[Model outline] ● A plastic model assembly kit for Dax Honda, which was released in 1969 and gained great popularity as a leisure bike. ● Scale is 1/6, total length 250 mm. ● Characteristic T-bone frame is the same as the actual vehicle. Built-in gasoline tank and battery inside. ● The main stand can be folded by the return spring, and the main step can also be folded. ● The brake pedal is movable by the spring. ● Hollow rubber tire with the tread pattern engraved accurately. ● Made of metal Front and rear suspension that can be moved using a spring. ● Front fork part that can be removed like the actual car. ● The up handle is also the same foldable type as the actual car. ● Double seat with a leather touch that can be opened and closed by the lever. ● The cooling fins are precisely reproduced. OHC engine. ● Front and rear wheels with a matte finish with a texture. ● A wide variety of plated parts such as front and rear fenders, mufflers, and handles. ● Various wiring and piping such as fuel pipes, accelerators, brake wires, and meter cords. Reproduced. ● Slide mark is made by high quality cult graph company.

[First release month] June 1971