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15527-TunedUp4WD-Stainless steel plate screw set (6/8/15 mm)

100.00 ฿

[Parts useful for setting the machine] A set of dish screws with a flat head. If you make a countersunk hole in the FRP plate attached to the back of the chassis such as 15518 "FRP rear brake stay set" , the head of the screw will not pop out and the bottom will be smooth. It prevents the screws from coming into contact with the road surface and widens the range of brake settings. A set of 10 pieces each of 6 mm, 8 mm and 15 mm in length. Be sure to drill a countersunk hole on the plate to be mounted with a 2 mm countersunk screw hole drilling bit (for electric lutor) (Item No: 74130) .

[Basic specifications] High-strength stainless steel screws, 3 types, 30 in total set

[Available machines] Mini 4WD PRO, Mini 4WD each car * For safety, countersunk hole processing is required when using ¡ Please read the explanatory drawing carefully. * Please use a  2mm countersunk screw hole machining bit (for electric luter) (Item No: 74130) to machine the screw hole.

[Stainless steel countersunk screw type] 15510 "Stainless steel countersunk screw" Set (10/12/20/25/30 mm) ", 15527" Stainless steel plate screw set (6/8/15 mm) "