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14126-Motocycles-1/12 Full View Honda NSR500 '84

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[Observing the upside down layout of innovation with a clear cowl] In 1983, Honda won the title of the Road Racing World Championship with the NS500 equipped with a 2-stroke V-type 3-cylinder engine, but it is a rival who has already introduced 4 cylinders. In order to compete with the manufacturer, we were developing the NSR500 equipped with a V-type 4-cylinder engine for the next year. Moreover, its original structure will surprise the world. Aluminum frame that will later develop into a twin spar frame The unconventional layout, which is equipped with a 1-axis crank V4 engine, an exhaust chamber at the top, and a fuel tank at the bottom, was created as a result of pursuing a lower center of gravity. , F. Spencer won 3 and R. Mamora won 1 and proved that he has a high potential that is not only eccentric. The position of the exhaust pipe and fuel tank is different from that of a normal machine. An ambitious machine full of Honda's challenging spirit that has been reversed. It is a clear cowl specification model that allows you to observe its unique composition in detail.
[Model outline] ● Overall length 166 mm, overall width 52 mm. Reproduces the previous model that won the championship in the riding of Freddie Spencer. ● Cowling, chamber cover, seat cowl are available in two types, white parts and clear parts. Clear parts If you finish without painting, you can carefully observe the original car body composition with the chamber above the engine and the fuel tank below. Also, the cowls are attached with tiny screws. ● 4 chambers Can be securely attached with screws as a set of two. ● 1-axis crank V-type 4-cylinder engine is also precisely finished. ● Aluminum frame and fuel tank with complicated shape are realistically modeled. Fuel tank is removable. ¡● The wiring of the accelerator, clutch, etc., including the unique fuel system piping, is expressed by vinyl pipe. ● Metal spring is used for the rear suspension. ● With racing stand. ● Slight mark and masking seal for coloring are also set.