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[Grab victory with a sharp body] A high-performance racer plastic model assembly kit that uses a shaft drive 4WD. Dynahawk GX Super XX Special is a special version of Dynahawk GX that was active in the Mini 4WD manga "New Century Racer His Mini 4 Kids" and "Mini 4WD New Century BREAK IN". The sharp cockpit and the style in which both sides of the body rise strongly and extend to the rear are images of a hawk that plunges aiming at prey. In addition, Super XX is adopted for the chassis to support dynamic driving. Fire pattern graphics and logos that shine in the pearl white body color are expressed with special metallic stickers.

[Super XX chassis with attractive strength and expandability] The chassis is a reinforced / expanded type of Super X, Super XX. The rigidity of the entire chassis has been further increased to make it more resistant to twisting. In addition, a wide roller setting is possible by preparing many mounting holes for the nose guard and large side guard. I am looking forward to playing an active part on a course with intense ups and downs and curves. The chassis body, nose guard, and rear roller stay are reinforced types made of polycarbonate ABS resin. The coloring is passionate red. In addition, the black large-diameter narrow lightweight wheel is made of nylon resin containing carbon fiber. The combination with the yellow barrel tire has enough impact. Equipped with two 14mm rubber ring rollers. A high-speed type with a gear ratio of 4: 1 is set.

[Basic specifications] ● Overall length 153 mm, overall width 98 mm, overall height 38 mm ● With motor ● Adhesive-free inset type for assembly

[Items to be purchased separately] ● 2 AA batteries