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70899-Exclusive-Police Van with Lights and Sound

3,000.00 ฿ 1,500.00 ฿
With removable roof, space for up to 7 figures, light and sound. 1.5 V micro battery. Length: 27 cm.
Attention police operation! Whether it's a manhunt, a search operation or securing an accident - thanks to the police van with light and sound, the PLAYMOBIL police are well equipped for any mission. The spacious car has room for seven figures and the equipment can be stored in the storage space under the back seat. In addition to their police bus, the law enforcers have waistcoats, handcuffs, radio and other equipment with them. The set consists of two PLAYMOBIL police officers, a police van, two police caps, two waistcoats and other extras for exciting police action. The roofs of the driver's cab and the passenger compartment can be removed and the sliding door on the side swings open to the outside. A button on the vehicle underbody can be used to switch between two siren sounds.