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70886-Exclusive-Mermaids' Paradise

3,500.00 ฿ 2,800.00 ฿
The mermaid children are well looked-after in the Mermaids' Paradise. Includes play platforms as well as a slide and many other attractions! Dimensions small platform: 21 x 19 x 11cm (LxDxH) Dimensions large platform: 21 x 19 x 27cm (LxDxH)
Join the mermaids in their paradise deep down at the bottom of the sea. Here, everything is bursting with life. While the babies are being pushed around in the pram, a little mermaid happily swims with the dolphins. After the walk, the little ones play happily with the baby play arch on the coral platform. Two seahorses swim by and enjoy the happy play. A dreamy PLAYMOBIL set for imaginative children. Set includes three PLAYMOBIL mermaids, a child figure and two babies, two sea prams, two platforms, a children's slide, two seahorses, two dolphins, a moray eel and many other lovely extras. The dolphins can swim. All the figures can sit and stand on their flipped tail fin.